Roping Saddle

Team Roping Saddles and Calf Roping Saddles handmade by Bruce Cheaney Custom made saddles used by Horseman such as Robbie Schroeder, J.D. Yates, Steve Orth, Sam Rose, Bryan Delius. The materials used for Cheaney Custom Handmade Saddles is the best money can buy and of the highest quality. Each saddle is made by Bruce Cheaney […]

Silversmithing – How to make Custom Buckles part 4

Silversmithing with Bruce Cheaney, Gainesville, Texas. Learn how to solder silver and steel with solder made by the Harris Products Group. The products used for silver soldering in this video clip are Safety-Silv 45% silver solder and Stay-Silv white brazing flux for the hard soldering and Stay-Brite soft solder and Stay-Clean liquid flux for the […]

Silversmithing – How to Silver Solder

How to Silver Solder Learn how to silver solder steel to steel using Harris silver solder from The Harris Products Group, Mason Ohio. These products can be purchased at most any welding supply store. The silver solder used in this demonstration is Safety-Silv 45% 1/16″ diameter wire and the flux is Stay-Silv white Brazing Flux […]

Handmade Cowboy Spurs With Spur Maker Bruce Cheaney

This is an overview of the process of making a pair of handmade cowboy spurs this pair of spurs are totally handmade from start to finish and can be considered a Buckaroo spur due to the size of the spur rowel. The rowels in this pair of spurs measures 3" in diameter and 1/8" thick […]