Custom Handmade Spurs

Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney

Custom handmade spurs can be made just about anyway you can dream up a pattern the best way to start is to know what you want as far as function and style. Then do a pencil sketch of the profile of the spur you would like to design and make or have a custom spur maker make for you. It is good to have a pair of spurs you like and also fits your boot like you want and use that for a basic pattern and the draw any modifications like heel band width and shank length and the spur rowel you like.  Once the profile of the spur is drawn out on paper or poster board you can sketch out you brand or initials or the way you want your name to look, keep in mind not to make it so complicated that the spur maker might have difficulty carrying out your request with some hard to do design.  Most of the time simple is better and looks good and is readable from a distance. These are just a few tips and suggestion for designing you own custom spurs.

Custom Handmade Spurs start to finish spur making with Bruce Cheaney, Gainesville, Texas.

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